6th Cross-Disciplinary Genomics Meeting: From Single Cells to Omics

14-15 Novembre 2019

Amphithéatre 25

Campus Pierre et Marie Curie

Sorbonne Université



Recent years have seen the widespread use of “omics” approaches such as second- and third-generation sequencing, transcriptomics, proteomics and metabolomics, providing a global view on biological complexity. On the other hand, the realization that biological systems are intrinsically heterogeneous and noisy has led to the development of single-cell and single-molecules approaches to access the properties of biological processes that might be hidden in population-averaged measurements. New technological advances are allowing us to bridge these two extremes, by the development of single cell DNA sequencing and transcriptomics, and to view living organisms as evolving systems, which are constantly redefining their interactions with the environment. In this context, notions like “functions” have to be revisited and recaptured through new experimental and computational approaches.

To reach the potential for paradigm-shifting discoveries, these experimental advances must be closely associated with the development of computational methods for the analysis of big data, of theoretical frameworks in mathematics and physics, of numerical simulation tools, and of powerful quantitative methods capable of extracting relevant information.

The 6th Cross Disciplinary Genomics meeting: "From Single Cells to Omics" aims at gathering a broad community of researchers interested in these developments of our perspectives on complex living systems. This international meeting will present interdisciplinary works from a diversity of research groups across the world. The goal will be to illustrate how the holistic (omics) and the atomistic (single-cell) views of biological systems complexity interact with theoretical approaches to move forward our understanding of living systems.


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